Pop Focal Behind The Scenes

A behind the scenes look at Pop Focal.


Here’s more graphics fun — our new graphics package.

The package is for opens, closes and headline tags. It fits with our original graphics package which included lower-thirds, wipes/transitions and the “pulsing” Pop logo we used in a few videos.

It’s been a while since we had an update. We’re working on a lot here at Pop Focal including re-launching the web series. With that comes lots of graphical goodies.

Here’s a draft of a promo (to run in-front/behind videos on the site) featuring our promotional tagline, “We’re Only Getting Started”.

The tagline refers to the fact that we’re growing and all the cool stuff we’ll be doing is just the beginning.

Rendering some cool shots of Kinda Ka in action from under the tower. The sky was nothing but blue during the shot.

This was shot in 720p at 30-frames. We’ll try running it through Twixtor, a program that lets you create slow motion videos by creating new frames. That will allow us to put something together just as if we shot in 60-frames.

Editing our roller coaster special. We edit in Sony Vegas, slightly different than most others (who usually edit in Adobe Premiere or Final Cut). We cut down our interviews and tag to let us know what the person is talking about.

Since we shoot on DSLR, you’ll notice two audio tracks. One from the camera, another from the audio recorder (in this case, connected to a shotgun mic to the right of the camera).

The camera and lens we use to shoot Pop Focal segments. Lens is a 55mm manual focus. We use a manual focus to have greater, stiffer control over focus. 

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